Carrie heard a dull thud in the distance as the ground beneath her shook.

“Quick, the tank!!!”

She raced to the near-vintage armoured vehicle that was parked around the corner.

Tank in Ottawa, Canada

Like most people, Carrie wasn’t prepared for war. Leading a peaceful existence in a free country, she had become complacent… and oblivious to the fact that relations with their rogue neighbour had deteriorated rapidly.

They were caught unawares when the fighting broke out.

As she opened the tank’s hatch, she glanced up to see a bright streak of light flash across the orange evening sky.

“So this is what that special place in hell looks like”, Carrie thought and revved the engine.

Evening sky in Toronto, Canada

Author’s note: Inspired by recent tensions that flared up between the US and Canada.

The bottom picture was taken with my trusty Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S40 in the summer of 2005. As I walked home after dinner in the Little Italy district, the skies over Toronto turned orange.

The “tank” is a broken down armoured vehicle I spotted around the corner of a building in Ottawa, on a trip in fall 2016. Picture taken with my Huawei Honor 7 mobile.

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