Battle of Britain

Müller surveyed the scene from his vantage point on the corner of the street.

He was in the town of Harrogate in England. His mission was to send ground reports to Berlin using his transmission device.

Not too many people were about that day in the otherwise busy town, and there was an eerie calm. They knew that the Battle of Britain had begun… a battle that would seal the fate of their nation.

Later that evening, Müller sent an urgent email to his editor in Berlin. People had voted in favour of Brexit.

Streets of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK

Streets of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK


Author’s note: This is a picture of the spa town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire. Quiet streets, brick houses and dull weather – this is quintessential small-town England.

July 2010, Sony Cybershot DSC-S40.

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  1. An apt analogy. Once again the land of my ancestors escaped incorporation into a German-dominated empire.

    I wouldn’t describe the weather there as dull, though. Not everybody like heat and glare.

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