Vietnam Diaries Day 7 – Back Home

Our last day at Saigon involves a relaxing morning breakfast before we head to Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Saigon. Immigration is smooth and we pick up some local chocolates at the duty free shop. Our flight is a bit late and we land in Kuala Lumpur around 5pm local time. Malaysia is one of the greenest Asian countries the traveller has ever seen from above!

Malaysia from above

Malaysia from above

Now, the traveller is a beer person and has never been much of a whisky drinker. In 2018, he decides to branch out and buy some Canadian Club (rye) 12 year old at Kuala Lumpur’s wondrous duty free store. Rye whisky is lighter than Scotch, and besides, the traveller’s favourite TV character Don Draper from Mad Men downs Canadian Club with impunity. And yes, that is a major factor in the whisky selection process, “in the childish mind” of the traveller, to quote the traveller’s compadre.


Canadian Club

Canadian Club

A few hours later, we move to our boarding gate in lower echelons of the airport where the Indians are kept. The flight to Hyderabad is on time. The sandwich picked up from the Irish Sandwich Bar is quickly devoured. The journey is largely uneventful, except that the gentleman in the next seat insists on playing Indian devotional music on his phone speakers at full blast, to help his Godless co-passengers find meaning in their lives.

Landing in Hyderabad and a smooth immigration process later (thank the Universe for the modernization drive that did away with those awful immigration forms), we find ourselves back home, a long day of travel laundry chores ahead of us, but with sweet memories of a beautiful country called Vietnam.

Pictures taken with my Apple iPhone SE

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