Das ist München

Hallo everyone and welcome to our walking tour! I am your guide Karen, and today I will take you on a fascinating journey across the capital of Bavaria, our lovely city of München!

We begin our walk today… oh a question already! Yes, studious-looking young Indian fellow – you have “one doubt”? Ja, we are indeed in Munich. Not to worry sir, you are in the right city. Us locals, we like to call it München!

So we begin our walk in Marienplatz – the main square of the city for nearly 900 years. It is quite a popular tourist area with a number of restaurants and places to shop. Take a look at the architecture of Neues Rathaus, our town hall!

Neues Rathaus in Marienplatz, Munich

Neues Rathaus in Marienplatz, Munich

Let’s move on to a modern museum of sorts. Have your heard of a company named Bayerische Motoren Werke AG? No? Perhaps you recognise its initials, BMW. There is nothing more German than this iconic brand, headquartered right here in this city!

BMW headquarters, Munich

BMW headquarters, Munich

The BMW museum provides a fascinating glimpse of the history of the company and the vehicles it has manufactured over the decades. Take a look at this RS 255, a racing motorcycle from the 1930’s.

Vintage BMW RS 255 racing motorcycle

Vintage BMW RS 255 racing motorcycle

And this quaint little model 600 from the 50’s.

Oh, the dear Chinese fellow from my tour group is trying to get inside the car. I’m sure the museum doesn’t allow that sir. Oh… careful with that selfie stick, sir!

BMW 600

Vintage BMW 600

It’s now early evening, so let’s take a stroll in the Englischer Garten, one of the largest urban parks in the world.

A walk in the Englischer Garten

A walk in the Englischer Garten

More than 200 years old, it is a wonderful place to unwind and take in the beauty of nature. It is quite a romantic place, as those handsome French gentlemen in my group were saying. They seem to be quite good friends. Speaking of which, where are they? Oh… there they… oh, careful against that tree, dear sirs; and perhaps not in public. Yes, we are quite an open country but this is not Paris!

Scenic beauty of Englischer Garten

Scenic beauty of Englischer Garten

Architecture at Englischer Garten

Architecture and landscape at Englischer Garten

How about we end the evening with a drink at Hofbräuhaus, a traditional German beer hall? München is famous for these watering holes. You must experience Oktoberfest here, the world’s largest beer fest held every year, quite oddly named because it starts in September! For you history enthusiasts, these beer halls have also been the places where famous (and infamous) revolutions have begun in Germany.

Hofbräuhaus, Munich

Hofbräuhaus, a traditional beer hall in Munich

A variety of Bavarian brews are served here. My favourite is the dark beer, Hofbräu Dunkel. Would you like to try one?

Hmm… I seem to have lost the Australian member of my group. Ahh, there he is. Do put down the waiter, kind sir. Nein, you cannot take that outside, sir. Oi to you too, sir.

Beer at Hofbräuhaus, Munich

Hofbräu Dunkel, a dark Bavarian beer

We’re at the end of our tour! Let’s take the train back to where we started. I do hope the beer was not too heavy. Do you remember where your hotel is? Do visit us again!

Train at Hauptbahnhof.jpg

Author’s note: If you have only one day to spend in Germany, make sure it’s in Munich. The city captures the essence of everything Deutsch, from the modern to the traditional. All pictures taken with my trusty Honor 7.

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  1. With a a lot of German ancestry in my blood (my grandmother emigrated from Germany as a little girl) I really enjoyed this one. Thank you.

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