The Garden

Hans looked out from his vantage point. It was a clear sunny day and he could see the vast expanse of the city around him.

It had been a year since he had been posted in Vienna. As a Leutnant in the Wermacht, he held command of the anti aircraft batteries defending the city. He was standing in a flak tower, a massive concrete-reinforced structure that was designed to withstand the heaviest attack from the enemy. And attack they would.

Flak tower Flakturm VII-L

Flak tower Flakturm VII-L in Vienna, Austria

For months, they had withstood intense bombardment of their coastal and inland defences. The enemy was uniting; and Fortress Europa would soon be under siege.

Hans wondered if history truly repeated itself. He thought about the popular nationalistic movements and collapse of old unions that had brought the world to this day.

A purple butterfly fluttered by him, heading toward the remnants of the beautiful garden that had once flourished around the tower. Hans promised himself that after the War ended, he would spend the rest of his days in a garden just like this one, living in peace, watching butterflies go by.

An urgent message from Radar Control warned him about the incoming drone aircraft. As he commanded his troops to arm the photon guns, he hoped the hundred year old structure they were standing in would hold.

Augarten in Vienna, Austria

Augarten in Vienna, Austria


Author’s note: The Augarten is a beautiful French-baroque style public park in Vienna. I was amazed to find here, two intact World War 2 era German flak towers. On a lovely summer day (probably the only one I experienced in rainy Europe!) it seems the entire city is out in the park enjoying the warm rays of the sun.

Pictures taken with my Huawei Honor 7 mobile.

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  1. I must visit Vienna when it’s less cold. Last time I went it was freezing!

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  2. great little story. Usable ruins in sci-fi are something that I adore.

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