Regime Change

Ben went over the plan again. He was a stickler for perfection. Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. That was his thing.

There was no time to tweak the plan though. It was already in play.

Regime change – orchestrating the installation of a “friendly” government – wasn’t new to Ben. He and The Council were masters of the trade. They had a script, honed to perfection over decades, and they made it work. Every time.

But this time was different. Very different. A tiny country in the middle of nowhere was one thing. But this…

It shouldn’t have reached this stage, Ben thought. The Council had tried to prevent the situation from ever happening. But things got out of hand.

They had underestimated the nationalistic fervour that would bring him to the centre-stage.

They had not thought he would follow through on his outrageous promises.

They never imagined the sequence of events that he would unfold, bringing the world to the brink of chaos.

The old order, carefully crafted, had been upset and everything was now at risk.

The time to act was now. They had boots on the ground. The gathering at the Old Monument was on schedule. Large crowds. Confusion. Perfect.

Ben looked at the members of The Council. They nodded in approval.

Ben spoke clearly into the microphone. “Operation Orange is a go…”.

National Monument on Dam Square

National Monument on Dam Square, Amsterdam

Author’s note: Dam Square is in the centre of Amsterdam. Its close proximity to important landmarks such as the Royal Palace, National Monument and Centraal Station makes it a popular tourist spot. Many walking tours start from here and I highly recommend joining one of them to get some interesting perspectives on this lovely city!

Pictures taken with my Huawei Honor 7 mobile.

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