Second Sun

Second Sun

It had been three days since the Second Sun had appeared in the sky.

They couldn’t quite believe it at first. It’s the moon, they said, a trick of the camera. But the “moon” never went away. It was here to stay.

The earliest civilizations had warned about it. Nemesis. The Dark Star. Lucifer. None believed them. Myth and folklore, they said.

Modern science had claimed that all stars are born twins. Where was the twin of our Sun, they wondered.

The answer was finally upon them.

As the Earth changed rapidly, they fled to the hills.


They took refuge in the forests, amongst trees as old as time.


But it wasn’t the Second Sun they were seeking to escape from.

It was the Creature.


Author’s note: Canada is a very picturesque place, and more so in the fall when trees burst into a myriad of colours. These pictures are from journeys across Ontario and urban parks in Toronto. The “Creature” is Maman, a sculpture by Louis Bourgeois on display near the National Gallery in Ottawa. Pictures taken with my Huawei Honor 7 mobile.

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  1. that spider….looks scary! haha thanks for sharing this!

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