The Sortie

X-482: X-482 calling Control, over.
Control: This is Control. Receiving you loud and clear, X-482. Over.
Control: How’s the weather up there, over?
X-482: Cloudy with a chance of escargot, over.
Control: You’re bright and chirpy this morning, X-482. Over!
X-482: Had a relaxing repair layover last sol. Over.
Control: Good to hear. Send in your observations, over.
X-482: No sign of humans on surface. Last wave seems to have done the trick, over.
X-482: Titan Bot squad seen patrolling along the Seine. No sign of resistance, over.
Control: Very well, X-482. Instructions from Program follow, over.
Control: Keep your lenses peeled and report in anything unusual. One more sortie of Grid X and return to base. Over.
X-482: Affirmative. X-482, over and out.
Control: This is Control, over and out.

Champ de Mars, Montparnasse Tower and Invalides

Champ de Mars, Montparnasse Tower and Invalides

View of Place du Trocadéro from Eiffel Tower, Paris

Place du Trocadéro

View of Seine River from Eiffel Tower, Paris

Seine River and stadium

Author’s note: Even on a rainy day the Eiffel Tower in Paris does not disappoint, providing spectacular views of the city and important landmarks. I’m particularly fond of the view of Montparnasse. It is almost like a Dark Tower watching over the city in a post-apocalytpic time. Pictures taken with my Huawei Honor 7 mobile.

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