The Lunch Date

Simone tapped her fingers nervously.

It had been a few minutes since she’d arrived at Le Pure Cafe. Charles said he’d be there at two, and it was just one-thirty. She was early and she would have to wait. Simone was impatient. She hated the anticipation of first dates.

This wasn’t exactly a first date though. Or maybe it was. She fretted over the details.

Would mademoiselle like a glass of red wine? No she wouldn’t, water would be fine thank you.

They had met before. A few times before. She wasn’t sure when they hit it off. Perhaps it was the play they’d been to. Or the music festival. Sharing a laugh at a comical act and grooving to some amazing indie numbers. The slightest touch of their fingers. Yes, perhaps it was then.

Her thoughts drifted towards the events of the day.

An earlier appointment had gotten over sooner than she expected. She’d been waiting in her car, watching a side alley. The man had emerged from a decrepit doorway, walking towards the entrance of the street. She had quickly gotten out and shot him thrice at point blank range. The street was empty and the silencer did its job well. One more down for the count. There were many more hiding the shadows. This was a different, strange kind of war. The Agency had its hands full.

She thought about the argument she’d had with her roommate, Lisa, in the morning. It had ended in a tearful Lisa storming out of their apartment. It was safe to say their friendship, if there was one, was effectively over. Was it wrong to have made a move on your roommate’s ex-boyfriend? She wished there was an Agency handbook on the subject.

As Charles walked in through the cafe entrance in all his handsomeness, Simone smiled to herself. The day was looking up.

Le Pure Café, Paris

Le Pure Café, Paris

Food at Le Pure Café, Paris

Food at Le Pure Café, Paris

Author’s note: Le Pure Café is a must visit on a trip to Paris. Located in a classic Parisian wedge-shaped building, this cafe was a filming location for the movie “Before Sunset”. Great food too! Pictures taken with Huawei Honor 7 mobile.

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